Free download best apps for iPhone 2014

The Notegraphy iPhone app’s strength is a fun, engaging note to create a fantastic visually interface, intriguing journal entries and social network for word lovers. The interface and process of this app is so smooth and simple. It lets you to create a nice looking text with automatic formatting, just open a blank screen and start typing and instant share with an existing social network. The social network is a beautiful addition. You also can add an additional pages just touching right corner in the lower of the screen. The Notegraphy iPhone app is also a web application.

Free download and use Smartphones GPS Software

What is GPS: (G=Global, P=Positioning, S=System), GPS=Global Positioning System. It is an important feature that has almost mobile phones. Using GPS-capable device on your Smartphone, you can get some directions turn-by-turn to find out your whereabouts, an unfamiliar location, a specific place or an address within your area.
How can get GPS: If you want to enjoy the advantage of GPS services on your Smartphone, you have to need a GPS-capable software and an active data plan with your service provider. There are some latest..

Top 13 Mobile-Phones Anti-viruses Software programs

By this time mobile handset is almost as like as a computer. You also called it a small computer. A modern mobile phone has various kinds of features. Using these features, you can solve most important work easily and short-time. However, when you use those features like internet, Bluetooth etc. your handset devices may affected by viruses and it will be unusable. Then you have to need an anti-virus.

Why Anti-virus: Every day we have to use various kinds of apps from our...

Free download X-ray Scanner Software for Mobile phones and How to use mobile phones x-ray scanner apps

About X-ray Scanner Software of Mobile phones: By  this moment  X-Ray Scanner Software for Smartphones is one of the most popular and interesting application. This software is intended only for entertainment purposes but it doesn't provide as an actual X-ray scanner. Just trick with your friends into thinking that you can see their skeletons through their clothes by scanning them with your Smartphone’s funny X-ray scanner application! You also will be able to undress your friends or anybody and zoom on their most private parts of their body.

The X-ray scanner just takes a picture and lunch on their body and when it's displayed on your..