Free download best apps for iPhone 2014

The Notegraphy iPhone app’s strength is a fun, engaging note to create a fantastic visually interface, intriguing journal entries and social network for word lovers. The interface and process of this app is so smooth and simple. It lets you to create a nice looking text with automatic formatting, just open a blank screen and start typing and instant share with an existing social network. The social network is a beautiful addition. You also can add an additional pages just touching right corner in the lower of the screen. The Notegraphy iPhone app is also a web application.
The Repix application is an art photography app for iPhone. The app offers a unique experience of mixing painting with photo editing. The app gives your photos a fantastic new look. Repix includes over 28 brushes and 15 filters. Just select the brushes and filter along the bottom of the screen. Use the brushes to smoothly edit photos with stunning effects and apply some of the world’s most beautifully designed filters and borders just touching with your finger.      
Paperless post:

By this time we want to do everything in a short time. Now a day creating and drawing our own party invitations, it takes long time. The Paperless post iPhone app saves your time. Design the card and invitations is now available on Paperless Post’s first-ever app for your iPhone.  With this application you can easily customize fronts, backdrops, colors, alignment, design, browse, send and track beautiful cards, even communicate with your guests with the touch of a finger no matter where you are. If you don’t have a design whizz, you can load a pre-made templates to save you time.                                                                                                               

Dailymotion video steam iPhone app provides a new, immersive experience to discovering videos. It features you can access your favorite HD videos and follow your favorite users, channels, playlists by adding a limited choice of filters to your own personalized dashboard of the Dailymotion site. The Dailymotion application is smoother, faster and easier to use. Watch 30 million your favorite videos with a faster, redesigned Player.


Facetune is a brother of photoshop. Facetune app for iPhone is a fun and powerful portrait photo editor. The photos that you taken are rarely perfect, more often it stuck with lopsided smiles and the odd closed eye. Facetune helps to change this. It provides easy, powerful tools to make every photo look perfect. You can remove a stray hair or a gray one, vanish your acne or others black-spot, change your eye color; even you can comb your hair and brushing your teeth and more with this handy app. This app also has great share options that you can your photos to social network.

Microsoft Remote Desktop app:

If you are an iPhone user with a PC running the latest version of Windows 8, you can enjoy multi-touch functionality while connected; access all your files and apps from anywhere by installing a Microsoft Remote Desktop application. This application provides to connect to a wide range of Windows machines, just log on and manipulate the computer over a wireless data connection.

With the Jimdo iPhone app, you can build and maintain websites to get any attention. After downloading and installing this app, you need to registered to access your all the features.  Just select a template sub-domain of the website.

The Morning call: 
Download and install The Morning call app on your iPhone anytime, anywhere.  When you wake up in the morning, this app tell you the time, date, weather and calendar events, also there is a nice chance to scroll through your inbox to check emails, Facebook and Twitter for updates, breaking news and then start thinking about your day. This app also helps you to start your day on the right track.         

MusiXmach iPhone app is one of the beautiful lyrics player applications that enable you to identify millions of songs. When you open the app, it starts scanning your songs and saved in your iOS Music. You can watch music videos and concerts from youtube. Also you can find millions of music titles, artists, albums and songs to display in musiXmatch.


If you are a blog loving junkie and missing all your favorite blogs from around the Internet? Bloglovin application helps you to organize your favorite blogs with all the latest posts from around the Internet and brings them all to your iPhone device.

Coordinate your music across multiple devices to all play at the same time with Speakerfy application. This application can syncs songs up to 250 iOS devices on a Wi-Fi network or through a personal hotspot, which makes them ideal for silent discos parties or presentations.

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