Free download X-ray Scanner Software for Mobile phones and How to use mobile phones x-ray scanner apps

About X-ray Scanner Software of Mobile phones: By  this moment  X-Ray Scanner Software for Smartphones is one of the most popular and interesting application. This software is intended only for entertainment purposes but it doesn't provide as an actual X-ray scanner. Just trick with your friends into thinking that you can see their skeletons through their clothes by scanning them with your Smartphone’s funny X-ray scanner application! You also will be able to undress your friends or anybody and zoom on their most private parts of their body.

The X-ray scanner just takes a picture and lunch on their body and when it's displayed on your..
Smartphone you will be surprised to see what's hidden under their clothing! This application really harmless for your health. It just offers you a lot of positive emotions.

This application provides the possibility to make funny X-ray pictures about six parts of your body such as chest, head, neck, arms, foot and belly. You can increase or decrease the effect from the scanning process option to change the size of the picture. You also can sound off or sound on from the scanning process option when you use it. Make a lot of fun events with this application.       

How to download mobile phones X-ray scanner software: The mobile phone X-ray scanner software such as Genius Scan, Scanner Pro, Scan2PDF, JotNot and DocScanner is available for all most Smartphones such as the iPhone, Android, galaxy tab, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. The X-ray scanner software is a novelty application that you can download to your cell phone. Most of the apps may download free and some have to purchase.

Search on your home network with your browse to find a mobilephone X-ray scanner software. Choice the software which you want to download for your Smartphone. Then download it directly to your computer and save the file.

Then connect your mobile phone to the computer with a USB sync cable. When the connection is successfully configured and detected then transfer the software application to your mobile phone. When opens the folder, save the downloaded software on your mobile phone hard drive. 

How to use the mobile phone X-ray scanner software on your Smartphones : At first make sure on your Smartphone already have this software. However, the x-ray picture is close to a real x-ray picture but keep in mind it is not a real x-ray scanner.

Open up the camera of your mobile phone. Set up the camera resolution “5 MP”, JPEG quality “high”, enable anti “shaking”, enable "Text Mode" and make sure there is no shadows on the selected location from your hands or camera.

Open the "X-ray scanner" folder on your mobile screen. Select area of the body part that you are going to pretend to X-ray. Hold the mobile’s camera directly above the body part as your choice. Then slowly move the mobile to collect the impression.

You can show the mobile screen to your friend during and after the x-ray scan. It shows a fake scanned picture of the body part. After complete the scan or take the photo, if you want to save  click on "Save" button from the options.

Some example of use the mobile phone X-ray scanner software:
Body scanner: Body scanner is an entertainment app that supposedly helps you to see through clothes and zoom in on body parts. It simply showed a skeletal figure or perhaps just a smooth body skin when you scan a body part with the body scanner. You also will be laughing with friends, spinning up every party, picking up a dream girl, discovering hidden secrets and much more by using the body scanner. This body scanner is really funny to trick your friends! But remember this is not a real X-ray scanner!

Naked Scanner: This scanner allows to see through your friends what's hidden under their clothes. Tell your friend to lie down on the ground then hold your mobile phone camera with the Naked Scanner launched above. Move the scanner mobile to the side of the body you want to scan. Then the fun begins. The scanner helps you to see through clothes that your friends are naked! Include naked sexy girl or a man (front and back) and a naked pregnant girl. This naked scanner is really funny to trick your friends! But remember this is not a real X-ray scanner!

Do you know, How romantic are you today ? How lucky are you today ? How healthy are you today ? How much money do you need today ? By using several scanners such as mood Scanner, romantic scanner, Love Scanner, Finger Scanner much more scanner on your mobile phone, you can find the answer of that question.  As an example Scan your thumb with the romantic x-ray scanner and discover your romantic mode for today! Or Scan your thumb with the lucky x-ray scanner and discover your lucky for today !!! As same as love, health, money for today etc.

Use those scanner you may test your friends, family member or  dear one’s feelings and compare their position with your own and find out who is in a better or worse mood. Reminding you again that all of those applications doesn't promise to accurately detect in which mode you are in but just tries to give a little hint, so that you may find out by yourself how you are feeling today.

So, download this app to start the fun!


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