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What is GPS: (G=Global, P=Positioning, S=System), GPS=Global Positioning System. It is an important feature that has almost mobile phones. Using GPS-capable device on your Smartphone, you can get some directions turn-by-turn to find out your whereabouts, an unfamiliar location, a specific place or an address within your area.
How can get GPS: If you want to enjoy the advantage of GPS services on your Smartphone, you have to need a GPS-capable software and an active data plan with your service provider. There are some latest..

 models of Smartphone generally come include GPS and online mapping services.
So: Make sure that your mobile phone has a GPS application. If you don’t have a GPS application on your Smartphone, you have to download it on your mobile phone.
Download GPS: Type “GPS” into your web browser then a list of GPS apps will show. When you download this app you have to maintaining some requirement. After complete the requirement just click "Download" then click "OK" if it prompted.  When the software download is complete, the GPS program will be added to the home screen on your Smartphone. Now install it on your phone device by using the “Settings” menu.
How can I use GPS: Open the GPS from your mobile. Using the "Find an Address" option you can find out any location, just enter a specific address or city or state name. It is best to know the address or you have to need the zip code. If you need for more location as like a Business, a restaurant, police station or favorites one etc just type the name or a zip code of this option.
While you entered all the information or destination then press the "Navigate" option. After a few moments you will get a voice direction and a GPS map on your mobile set screen as your desired location.
If you need to change the mode of GPS screen display or the voice as you like, go to the “Options” menu and select "Change View".  You can also change if you want to get a shortest route to a destination or 2D or 3D map view from this option.
Listen the GPS voice direction carefully because the system tells you the location. If you want to hear it again, it will tell you the directions again. If you feel problem to listen the voice control the volume of the GPS voice from your handset.

If you want to check the traffic, go to the options menu and select the “Traffic Summary” as like “Show Traffic”. If you fall in traffic, you may press the options of "Detour" to find out another route from the destination. Though this service will depend upon your using GPS software.

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