Top 13 Mobile-Phones Anti-viruses Software programs

By this time mobile handset is almost as like as a computer. You also called it a small computer. A modern mobile phone has various kinds of features. Using these features, you can solve most important work easily and short-time. However, when you use those features like internet, Bluetooth etc. your handset devices may affected by viruses and it will be unusable. Then you have to need an anti-virus.

Why Anti-virus: Every day we have to use various kinds of apps from our...
Smartphone’s for personal need like register new apps, enter passwords, write massages, update contacts, Bluetooth, downloads files and so. Also we keep very important personal information on our Smartphone’s. Unfortunately, when we use those apps, the virus may attack your handset devices and you may lose your important document or your mobile become unusable. Because of that you need mobile antivirus software to protect virus.

Antivirus software: There are various kinds of anti-viruses software in market. Among those some are Free and some  have to purchase. You can choose a suitable anti-virus for your mobile phone. Here’s some list of anti-virus software for you:

Kaspersky Mobile Security: We know about Kaspersky anti-virus whose are mainly used on computer or laptops. It is the most popular anti-virus software. The Kaspersky’s also offers antivirus software and malware for handset devices. Kaspersky anti-virus software keeps your Smartphone devices as free and safe from any kinds of online threats as possible. This software automatically scans all email, text message, download and others important file from your mobile phone. It also automatic updates and protects your phone from dangerous network connections much more. You can use it free on a trial basis for thirty days before you purchase.

Norton Smart phone Security: Norton is an excellent mobile security solution for your Smartphone. It is able to keep your mobile protected against viruses, malware and others mobile threats even spam unwanted calls and texts.  The Norton Smartphone Security software automatic scans downloaded apps and others devices. This program updates and installs automatically. You can use it for a free trial before yearly subscription.

McAfee Virus Scan Mobile: McAfee mobile anti-virus enters into the market in March 2009. The popularity of McAfee mobile anti-virus is increasing day by day. It offers protection your mobile against any kinds of threats and reduce the risks of data lost or stolen devices.

Avira AntiVir Mobile: Avira anti-virus is available for Smartphone’s. It is also automatically scans files, text messages, MicroSD cards, malware and other threats. When Avira anti-virus software found any threats he deleted those automatically. It also offers thirty days free trial before yearly subscription.

Bit Defender Mobile Security: If you want to protect your Smartphone against viruses you can install the Bit Defender mobile software antivirus.  This software offers parental control, firewall, anti-theft, online storage and sync, social network protection and much more threats. It is able to run an on-demand scan if you needed.

Avast! Mobile Security: Among of mobile security “Avast mobile anti-virus software” is one of them. This software is small but protects your mobile against viruses, malware, threats and it scans very fast for threats as demand. Download this antivirus software and Install your Smartphones.

Commander Mobile Antivirus: There is another powerful mobile anti-virus named Commander Mobile Antivirus software. This program helps your handset to protect from viruses, rootkits, malware, and any other threats in real-time. You can scan your mobile devices, either automatically or manually with this software. Download this antivirus software and Install your Smartphones.
AhnLab Mobile Security: AhnLab is a South Korean security protection provider. AhnLab mobile security software program offers virus scan to protect mobile devices from multi-virus threats, data leakage, apps, spam, memory cards, and all operating systems. You can update the protection with manually or automatically.

UMU Mobile Security: UMU is one of the mobile security programs that provide mobile antivirus solutions for Symbian based Smartphone, Windows Mobile and Pocket PCs. This anti-virus software can protect against virus identity theft malware, spam and other threats.
F-Secure Mobile Security: F-Secure Mobile Security software offers protection from download, text, MMS, email, Bluetooth or web browsing. The software also offers theft protection and regular updates to keep handset device threats free.

Trend Micro Mobile Security: Trend Micro Mobile Security published by Microsoft is available for Pocket PCs and Windows Mobile Smartphone. It is able to protect mobile from viruses, malware, anti-spam, and privacy theft and phishing attempts. This software automatically updates and scans on demand.

BullGuard Mobile Anti-Virus: BullGuard's Mobile Antivirus software is available for Symbian PDAs, Smartphone and Windows Mobile. This software updates and scan viruses automatically from mobile devices. It also is able to protect downloads, files, text messages, MMS, email attachments or Bluetooth connectivity for threats whenever necessary.

Net-Qin mobile antivirus:  NetQin is one of useful mobile phone antivirus software.  It is a free virus scanner. This antivirus software keeps your phone safe from viruses, malware and threats. NetQin Antivirus regularly updates from the web.

So, download and Install an antivirus software as a security of your Smartphones. 

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